Healthy & Delicious Custom Catering


Wholefoods at its core is a family-run business. It is from this lens in which we operate and has led us to run a successful business over the last decade. It started in 2010 on The Parade, Norwood, where we re-established the well-known Argo Delicatessen and breathed new life into an Adelaide institution. More recently, in 2020 we added Wholefoods by Argo, just up a few doors up from The Parade. Wholefoods is a store predicated on serving local, fresh and healthy takeaway meals for those on the go. Now, we'd like you to be able to bring Wholefoods by Argo into your home or office. Catering for groups of friends, easy dinners for family, or your next boardroom meeting, our catering menu is flexible and caters for all dietary requirements.

We specialise in creating tasty, healthy, comforting food with a focus on gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. We’ve prepared hundreds of lunches, and snacks for our corporate clients and believe we’ve come up with some pretty great tasting (& Healthy) food to satisfy all taste buds, dietary requirements and budgets. There’s something for everyone! We know what works well, and we've become pretty good at it, so trust us to give you great catering. You WILL be the food champion when you order from us.

For private catering contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss options.

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